The Great Art Reset

We are at the dawn of human ingenuity. The people of our world are mustering the courage and strength to revolutionize how we create and collect art. Money has become a powerful tool to express an opinion on, street art one can do at home. The global reserve currency will become memes, living ideas that herald everything from levity to levitation.

SIDMOR is a collaboration of two unique artists on two distant continents. Sidarta is from Europe, and CMOR is from North America. They met in 2023 and have been working in tandem ever since. They create both fine art on canvas together, as well as moneyart, or painting on banknotes from around the planet.

SIDMOR is also available to do commissions. Pick a topic and whether canvas or currency, and say the budget and the deadline. There are some running series(es) to choose from, and SIDMOR loves developing ideas with customers.

All SIDMOR artworks come with a Certificate Of Authenticity, proving ownership and granting usage, while SIDMOR retains in perpetuity the rights to publish for the memoirs. All shipping is included in the sale price, therefore FREE!

For any questions about the Great Art Reset, or commissions for SIDMOR, please send an email to: